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act that? >> i think gordon brown was in master spend more than alistair and tony blair. i think the whole of new labor engaged in a new way with the media when they came to power. >> what steps did you take to counteract that? think in the journalistic story or a line from a politician and repeats it verbatim without checking it or analyzing it. it will of a journalist is not to just gather information but to analyze and process that information. >> but hubert on his side, he made that clear -- but you were on his side. you made that clear a few minutes ago? >> when you back a political party in the way some did in 1997, i was not there then but i was a close observer. i do not think you back them wholeheartedly. i think if you look at the "sun "from 1997 until when tony blair left, you would be quite confused if it was supporting the party particularly on europe. but other issues as well. >> you speak to it in your statement. you were on mr. blair's side, were you? >> you are talking about the hostilities between gordon brown and tony blair? >> you were talking about in your st
? >> i do not know. >> you had a conversation with mr. brown in 2006 at the labor conference in manchester. you describe that in paragraph 36. >> yes. >> the labor conference in manchester that year, we knew, because it was announced, that mr. blair would be leaving within the year, and in all probability mr. brown would be the next prime minister. would you agree? >> i think that was a given, yes. >> he said to you -- you say, "i remember that meeting well. mr. brown told me he had it on very good authority mr. murdoch would appoint me as the editor of "the sun" when rebekah was promoted." do you see that? >> yes. >> he was telling you it was already rupert murdoch's decision that rebekah wade would be promoted and you would be the next editor of "the sun." >> i did not believe rupert murdoch would have had that conversation with him. >> why not? he was close to mr. brown, was he not? >> my understanding of how news international works, in terms of appointment of editors, is that it would not have involved the conversation at that stage. it was sometime after that rebekah wa
to step down. he had driven half we across scotland to see mr. brown when the newspaper confronted mr. watson and said he clearly did tell him, he claimed that he was just delivering a thomas the tank dvd. i think these subsequent coverage was very critical of mr. watson. >> your thoughts another journalist would write stories about mr. watson that he knew were completely untrue? >> note. did you tell mr. nick robinson? >> i cannot remember saying that exactly. >> you think it was disparaging politicians that you did not totally like? >> i do not. >> now go back to be bskyb issue. this is page 08257. you say on the fourth line that many people saw to raise the issue with me. involved in th defending. he always picked a defense of the pension -- you always pick a defensive position, is that right? >> not necessarily. the fact is that it was a common misconception and often reported that news international was trying to buy the remainder of the shares. but subtle distinction was perhaps understandably confused. yes, there were occasions when i defended the bid. >> you do so in paragraph
of freedom. joining the president and first lady is mrs. rose marie saber brown, wife of the medal of honor winner. joining the vice-president of the united states, joe biden and r. joe biden is mrs. judanine sigen. in honor of american prisoners of war. joining for hon. leon panetta, secretary of defense, the sara frances chea, in honor of all those who remain unaccounted for it to whom we renew our commitment to the fullest possible accounting. joining the hon. can salazar, secretary of the interior, the brother and specialist of the u.s. army as they honor all who served. shinseki,n. directions at teric ons of frank meiry.neiry joining general rate or bnl, chief of staff united states army, genet early, wife of howard early in honor of every soldier who served. joining major-general timothy he and a thin, united states marine corps, carter krause, a mother of medal of honor recipient, bruce carter in honor of every marine who served. joining averell mark ferguson, vice chief of naval operations, stephanie low burke, these of petty officer richard hunt in honor of every sailor who served.
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it keeps former brown to the wrist . i believe the necklace will go faster than bracelet the necklace is a powerful piece because you so many different styles and shapes and neck it's all coming together. >>guest: that is another collector's piece a differentshapes. >>host: we have showstoppers earrings for you . tequila the showstopper as on angie item 665. check out that price.- looking to collect your first piece of amber know the value that is a nice $24.90 today. i am holding the cherry in my hand any can also pick up the cognac and the cherry is the most limited it also said it reached a beautiful garden. the red is deep in saturated is very pretty item665. >>guest: that is so classic. >>host: inspired by vincent van gogh look at what we are going to titanium that has been heated to give you a color and iridescence like you have never seen before with 2 amber emerging from this side this is a true one-of-a-kind piece and lowest price we have ever had pendant and ring are available. blue green tequila turquoise you will love this. item 097-770. i love the baltic amber. >>ho
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is involved. there is no ands, ifs, or buts about it. we're targeting the brown population. that includes the little white irish nurse in the health-care system in st. louis. well, that is all any of them are. interior enforcement does not come anywhere near rivaling the frontier and border enforcement. brown is a bald in this equation. i am sorry. -- brown is involved in this equation. i am sorry. there are assumptions that we can prosecute this out of the existence. that is your job. when janet paul aquino was governor, the same thing. she wanted to do that. and there is an appropriate place for enforcement. am i hopeful? i am in the hope business. [laughter] am i optimistic? i am not anywhere near as optimistic as doug is. where some really intrenched anti-forces to deal with here. the group politics against rational reform are significant. i just want to say that. i am here. i will go anywhere. somebody give me a pointed end i will make myself -- i will make my case. i am in it for the long haul. i think we all should be. >> just to clarify, we are having these conversations. the raci
. stearns and the gentlewoman om -- the gentlewoman from florida, ms. brown, each will control 20 pins. the gentleman from florida. mr. stearns: i rise in strong support of h.r. 4201, a bill introduced by my good friend, mike turner, from ohio. as our nation's service members continue to endure long deployments oversea the service civil relief act is there to protect their interests at home. at its core, it ensures that service members have certain protections in the event that military service everything from mortgages to cell phone contracts, it simply fails to protect one uniform framework for protecting service members' rights under child custody actions by state courts. this bill would protect these rights by amended the scra to require that if a court gives temporary custody of a service member's child to someone else because of the service member's deployment, the service member has the opportunity to have the previous custody order reinstated upon their return. this would occur unless the court determines that such a move would not be in the best interest of the child. it would
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and gordon brown had. blair, seven, brown 13, me, four. the idea that there would be some agreement that we would allow this merger to go through is simply not true. if that was the case, while i respect him deeply, what was i doing making him the business secretary responsible for this. the proprietors of news corp. have the night, under oath, at a limited inquiry. >> members must calmed down, there will be opportunity for questioning. >> news corp. has denied, under oath, any type of deal. let me make this last point. we would not have a newspaper with center-right to be used to change the newspaper of the lifetime. it was bad for our country and we ought to go. while i have said that the relationship between politicians and the media has been too close, i know that none of the people opposite have disclosed any of the meetings they had with news international or other newspaper executives while they were in office. while the country wants to hear about the challenges we face, how they play one-sided party politics. instead of using it for political purposes, is its [unintelligible] [inau
process in california. you wrote a story about the governor brown's plan that includes things like switching state offices to -- what else is he planning to do? caller: those are some of the big ones right there. we are talking about a 5% cut in employee payrolls. some of the other big cuts are to the health care programs to support. reducing reimbursement rates for hospitals and nursing homes. also, cutting funding for the court system in california. so here is really spreading the pain around. host: you have a story today that says the governor is stymied by the same budget dysfunction that has plagued his predecessors in office including republican arnold schwarzenegger. darrick brown is a democrat of course. what was unexpected about the budgeting process? caller: people were very hopeful this year. of the deposition would be only around $9 billion. they thought the economy was rebounding fast enough and tax revenues would come in and a higher rate. what surprises some people with the deficit was much larger, $16 billion. for people who were talking about turning the page on ca
cameron took up by the time tony blair and gordon brown left off. ignoring what happened after may 2010, would you agree with mandelson's view, we simply chose to be coward? >> i agree with it to some extent. i mean, he said there were no -- there was no issue of principle or priority. i think there were issues of principle and priority which i referred to a moment ago. but i do accept that part of the thinking of the prime minister and some of his colleagues was that to take on the whole of the press at the time when most of the public thought we got a pretty good deal was politically not very sensible. >> it might have been difficult to have approached this on a cross-party basis at any time between 1997 and certainly 201. unless you were to identify a short window of opportunity which opened after the tragic death of princess diana. is that right? >> i think it would have been impossible to get a cross-party agreement on slide. >> what about that short window of opportunity? >> i'm not sure there really was one. i think that the -- i think interestingly, from chris mullins' diaries
. it was a debate where brown lambasting fenty with some very scurrilous comments. he would not respond. we did not know at the time that was being paid by the gray campaign. host: you sked candidate gray. guest: what is this all about? and he said, i wish i knew. maybe he did not know it, -- we know that there was something going on now that we did not know then, and that was a conspiracy to undermine the campaign of the mayor. host: your paper looking at 2014 and indicating there is a possibility that washington, mayor,uld have a whitre jack evans. there is another piece this morning in "the washington post" explaining or resign. will mayor gray survive the next two years? guest: that is a good question. i do not know whether he will not. there is a question about his own involvement. at this point, we know there was a person, aide, who according to the charging document in federal court, a personal aide who instructed aides to make the payments to brown. the prosecution has not identify who the person is. the speculation is that the person could be another t grayide aide of vincen gray or g
brown, a breaking feud which would have financed lyndon's rise. they had really clashed overshe was very beautiful. they say she was the most lyndon johnson without giving>> are you still going to vietnam? >> do you have a planned time? >> let me get through this book tour. years. including a document during at never conceived of writing books political power. i was covering politics. i found that does not really whenever you pay the toll on any bridge within the boundaries of moses. he wanted. leader, he ran the senate as noduring the last two years, he appropriated this office. you were not even supposed to speak the first year. the assistant leader of his party. majority leader. then he set out to pass the first civil rights bill since this. this is what i saw. life, well not the only moment, when i felt like quitting. i was overwhelmed. the papers of the lyndon baines johnson, the 36th president of the united states. when you want to do research in the boxes, you sit in this room the boxes that you want. an archivist goes down and brings them up to you on your the hole in the boxes,
into it gently6 c13 into a not start to turn brown and bobble and that is when we will add our cream >>host: i have never seen melts your sugar ray in the pan, because that would stick like crazy! >>guest: you can see it is always i am using cream you can use a coconut cream or heavy cream like this. you pour that and, and you have a caramel sauce and literally a minute or two and i guarantee it will not stick >>host: you can see as he is swirling it around and there there is nothing sticking whatsoever >>guest: bottom of the pan this is the best part of the cleanup. sticky cloth and wipe set off >>host: and then you go again, you keep on the go wing we have a limited quantity on these this is the good stuff. for those of you that shot the kitchens stores and in the catalogs and read the magazines you see hard anodized. why? i will let you explain why this is different, that are differents itunes hard anodized because i am in patient i what i hate -- i am impatient i bought my pan to heat up fast. >>guest: this is lightweight it is super hasn't hardr you do not have to polish scrub it, i
. indeed, look for one moment the number of meetings that tony blair and gordon brown had with rupert when they were prime minister. blair, 7, brown, 13, me, 4. the idea--the idea, the idea that there was some agreement in return for their support we would allow this merger to go through is simply not true. i have to say if that was the case, one, i respect him deeply, what on earth what was i doing making the big secretary responsible for this? the proprietors of news corporation have-- >> order. members will calm down. there will be a good opportunity for questioning. let's hear the prime minister's statement. >> the proprietors of news corporation have denied under oath at the inquiry any type of deal, and i will do the same. let me make this last point, mr. speaker. unlike the party officers we were not trying to convince a center right proprietor of a center newspaper with center views to change the position of a lifetime. we were arguing a simple prone significance that the last government was irresponsible, exhaustible and bad for our country, and off he goes. what i said, mr. speak
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. >> james andrew french. >> bill. >> thomas jeffrey browning jr.. >> jason edward. >> and drew clark. -- andrew clarke. >> james carson york. >> john morton. >> jay charles. >> michele. >> jacob dylan howder. >> richard -- rachel medellin. >> cody boswell. >> the class of 2012's number one cadet in athletic performance, david thomas. [applause] >> megan. >> nicholas richard. >> brady knew some. -- newsome. >> kevin. >> kelly gene. >> brent. >> paolo. >> michael richard. >> adam jacob. >> matthew thomas rogers. >> christine marie. >> laine clayton. >> jonathan kimn -- kim. >> john. >> daniel johnson. >> sarah suzanne sader. >> andrew quinn. >> and nathan wendell. >> -- murphy. -- bridgitte murphy. >> robert. >> michael raymond mclean. >> jordan scott keefer. >> sarah boyes thomas. >> jordan. >> anthony. >> clayton james. >> stephen douglas. >> kevin wayne weaver jr.. >> catherine barack -- brooke. >> benjamin carlson gomez. >> eleanor. >> paul david. >> austin taylor moore. >> tristan. >> christopher carl martin. >> michael edward o'donnell. >> marie. >> nicholas andrew smith. >> chri
congress. i cannot stand without recognizing the illustrious congresswoman from florida, corrine brown. and the distinguished member from the state of california, barbara lee. thank you for coming. [applause] some of you may know me, many of you may not know me. i represent the eastern part of north carolina. the 24 counties east and north in north carolina. i serve as the vice chair of the congressional black caucus. i want to thank you very much for coming today to have this important conversation with us. i also bring greetings from my home church, the missionary baptist church. unlike to do that briefly what i am speaking to organizations. how do stand in the shoes of john lewis? it kind of reminds me of when king was assassinated and david abernathy ascended to the chair of the eoc. -- the o.c.. that is -- the eoc. that is where i find myself today. we are here to talk about protecting voting rights. it is critically important. and for us to talk about the full dimension of voting rights, you cannot address the subject in a contemporary context. you've got to go all the way back t
lady is mrs. rose marie brown, wife of medal of honor recipient sergeant leslies sabo. joining the vice president to have united states, joe biden and dr. jill biden is mrs. janine rosina. sister of captain lance, u.s. air force in honor of american prisoners of war. joining the honorable leon panetta, secretary of defense is mrs. sarah francis shay, the mother of donald emerson shay jr. joining the honorable ken salazar, secretary of the interior are grady renville, the brother of travis and nephew of specialist arvin renville. joining the honorable eric shinseki, secretary of veterans affairs, frank neary jr. christopher neary. in honor of all veteran who is bear the wounds of war. joining general martin dempsey, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff is dave clinker, brother of captain mary clinker, in honor of all women warrior who is served. joining genere, chief of staff united states army, is jeanette early. in honor of every soldier who served. joining major general timothy hanifan, united states marine corps, is george janne carter crow, mother of private first class bruce cart
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a conversation with mr. brown in 2006 at the labor conference in manchester. you describe that in paragraph 36. >> yes. >> the labor conference in manchester that year, we knew, because it was announced, that mr. blair would be leaving within the year, and in all probability mr. brown would be the next prime minister. would you agree? >> i think that was a given, yes. >> he said to you -- you say, "i remember that meeting well. mr. brown told me he had it on very good authority mr. murdoch would appoint me as the editor of "the sun" when rebekah was promoted." do you see that? >> yes. >> he was telling you it was already rupert murdoch's decision that rebekah wade would be promoted and you would be the next editor of "the sun." >> i did not believe rupert murdoch would have had that conversation with him. >> why not? he was close to mr. brown, was he not? >> my understanding of how news international works, in terms of appointment of editors, is that it would not have involved the conversation at that stage. it was sometime after that rebekah was promoted, quite some time. i did not believe it
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blair? >> sometime later, yes. >> mr. brown? >> yes. >> mr. cameron? >> i do not remember doing so. >> you were approached by mr. osborn in may 2007. this is in your statement. it was in march 2007. >> which paragraph? >> herger 59. >> thank you. >> you met for a drink. he asked you, in effect, whether you would be interested in joining the team. it goes without saying that mr. osborn knew that your natural sympathies were with the conservative party. >> i do not know. you would have to ask him what his thinking was. certainly, he approached mei sae asset. >> i think it is pretty obvious that he did know otherwise he would have gone somewhere else. >> in a event, he was correct. >> did you know if anyone else's in the running for the job? >> no. >> did you know if anyone else was later? >> no at a later stage after i started working for the conservatives i was told that there had been another bbc journalist to have been that had a discussion i think of mr. cameron quite some time that i was considered for the job. it did not work out. >> his name has come up in this context. what d
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of our committee, senator brown is next. >> director sullivan and mr. edwards, thank you for tending. hist mr. sullivan, you said that you were not aware that this had happened before and that is evidenced by some of the investigations you have done in your long history in the service, correct? >> yes, senator. >> you are still trying to figure it out is something you also said, correct? the most recent incidents? >> yes, sir. >> you are making changes coming ethics training, changing policy, is that correct? >> yes, sir. >> you said many times that a majority of the folks serving in the agency -- and i would agree -- do wonderful work and have gone on many missions and serve with great pride and resourcefulness. 147 years of service. is that fair to say? >> yes, senator. >> i know that you set out new guidelines and indicated they were draconian. and that you need to do them but you feel it's necessary. i would ask do you also trust the men and women now that are serving, notwithstanding this individual incident? do you trust them in their sacrifice and service in the job they're do
it but there were a series of things that happened over the last couple of decades. brown, brownstein and i did a book back in the mid 90's and the republican take over of congress in 94 and if you think back into that period. there's one irony that jeff talks about in his book that is that newt gingrich was put in the leadership largely because of the help of moderate republicans and yet it was during the gingrich period that i think there was in many way as decisive turn in this evolution that we continue to look at today. a couple of points. one was the budget deal in 1990 when gingrich bolted from the rest of the republican leader ship and left the white house in anger when they renounceed the deal and went up and organized the forces to try to knock it down and i think that was a critical moment in which the conservative antiestablishment part of the republican party in congress began to flex it's muscles in a much more significant way and we then saw in 1992. i remember doing an interview with tom delay after the 1992 election and i asked him what was the feeling of those who were looking
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brown, a breaking feud which would have changed his career to have financed lyndon's rise. they had really clashed over something. she calls them both and has them both as guests. she looks at them. she was very beautiful. they say she was the most beautiful woman. give herman the dam and let him have the housing. then it is reached. you cannot write the life of lyndon johnson without giving respect to alice. >> are you still going to vietnam? >> do you have a planned time? >> let me get through this book tour. >> we talked about lyndon johnson with you through their years. i want to show you a montage including a document during at the lyndon johnson library. [video clip] >> what i realized was not that i wanted to do a biography, i never conceived of writing books of the lives of famous men. i had no interest in it. what i wanted to do was explain political power. i was covering politics. i found that does not really explaining what i had gone into. whenever you pay the toll on any bridge within the boundaries of the city of new york, you're paying it directly to robert moses. aut
and continue to remain there in the city. i moderated the debate where it took place where brown just lambasted time after time with some scurrilous comments and i gave him an opportunity to respond. he wouldn't respond. we didn't know at the time that sulliman brown was being paid by the gray campaign to behave that way and did the same thing the next night at another debate. host: you ask him that as well. you asked candidate gray at the time -- guest: i asked him, what's this all about? and he said i wish i knew. turns out maybe he didn't know it but we don't know whether he knew it or not but we do know there was something going on now that we didn't know then, that was really a conspiracy for campaign of the mayor. host: your paper already looking at 2014 and indicating that there's a possibility that washington, d.c. could have a white mayor, jack evans is one of the leading potential candidates but there's another piece this morning from robert mccartney also in "the washington post," explain or resign? will mayor gray even survive the next two years? guest: that's a good question. i don
want to express my thanks to general brown, thank you for posting here. it has been a great treat to be able to be with you. and to relive some old memories and see a lot of the new things that make fort benning the best insulation in the world. [applause] it is an inspiring sight to be here to see so many soldiers gathered in one place. this is a big crowd. one day, i learned in life, especially as a member in congress, but never, never can you have enough sledgehammers. you never engage in a pure white -- fair fight. one will have more power. when i heard i was going to see you, i ask someone who spent a little time on kelly hill, which i expect? he said, this brigade is not fancy, but they are tough. he also told me a little bit about each of the units that make up this brigade. and, colonel johnson told me that you like to sign off -- sound off. i will try it out. first, we have got the queen of battle, the first of the 15th, that can do battalion. souding off] second, the second of the 69th this year. you remind all of us that are more equal speed and power. [sounding off] th
or rupert murdoch. indeed, look for one moment at the number of meetings that tony blair and gordon brown had with rupert murdoch when they were prime minister! blair seven, brown 13, me four! the idea, four! the idea that there was some agreement that in return for their support we would somehow allow this merger to go through is simply not true. >> mr. speaker, the reason why it was essential for the prime minister to come to the house today is that the culture secretary is in clear breach of the code. the prime minister stands by and does nothing. he asks why this matters. because we immediate people that will stand up for the families, not the rich and powerful. host: let's go back to this story and how it has touched the royal family, british government, party leaders, business leaders and one of the wealthiest individuals in europe, rupert murdoch. guest: exactly. what started as a tabloid story has now exposed really the closeness of the top of government with rupert murdoch and his entourage really. and we've heard extraordinary stories of how david cameron, the prime minister, ro
" -- they are talking about khalid sheikh mohammed. in a woodbridge, va., our line for retired military. brown is to do servant? caller: are made. host: it is yvette, i'm sorry. caller: 9 -- my time was 1984- 1985. host: tell us about what you think regarding the comments made yesterday by the secretary of defense. caller: it was wonderful. it was great because we are taught uniform of code. prior to was going on a mission -- just because of what the terrorist has done does not mean we do the same thing. when we do the same thing, killing their people are taking pictures of their dead loved ones, that causes them to retaliate on us. we have loved ones that get killed. host: all right, let's move onto chicopee, mass., robert, retired military. caller: i served in the air force and started out in 1966. host: did you see any action overseas? caller: quite a bit. host: what did you think about what the secretary had to say yesterday? caller: i did not see all of it but my question to him is how do i get out of this chicken outfit? host: why do you say that? caller: s the guys who have been in combat how to
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. he was one shot away from the -- shout away from the presidency. he has helped with the jerry brown's campaign in california in 2010 as well as many campaigns overseas. we are going to have a final -- fun conversation. i want to start. we will open up to questions. i want to start by saying if we -- seeing if we can get into the head of the campaigns as they are right at this stage in the election cycle. they're trying to size of the -- up the challenges they face. i want to start with you. i want to ask you of things to talk about from the obama campaign. you ran an incumbent reelection campaign. you know what it is like to be 48% approval, no sure thing. to get re-elected. what is the obama team thinking about the challenges and what they need to do? >> their two ways to answer that. one is what challenges they recognize they one have and what challenges they don't know. they have the advantage of time. they have spent a lot of time working on this of battleground states. he has held more fund-raisers than all of his predecessors back to ronald reagan combined in their entire ca
, and the prize for creative citizenship. she is a 1980 graduate of brown university. she also serves in her spare time on the board of the ford foundation. politicsalk, keeping out of women's help is being presented as a criminal -- at a critical moment in a nationwide conversation about women's health. the public outcry after the susan b. komen withdrawal and the reinstatement for breast cancer screening, the debate about contraception and religious organizations, whether they can be obligated to provide health insurance coverage, and even this week as the supreme court hearing on the affordable care act has brought start a attention to the question about what the appropriate role is for government and for non-profit organizations and for insurance companies in promoting women's health. for many of us who study or advocate on behalf of the issues or for those of us who care about the issues, questions about ensuring woman's access to health care are not new ones. researchers at the center for health and well-being and the office of public -- i am sorry. the public of opposition research has focu
blair and gordon brown had with rupert murdoch when they were prime minister. tony blair 7, brown, 13 me, for. -- 13, me, 4. the idea that there was an agreement and we work allowing this merger to go through is not true. >> mr. speaker, the reason why it is essential for the prime minister to come to the house today is that the culture secretary is in clear breach of the ministerial -- and the prime minister stands by and does nothing. he asks why this matters. it matters because we need a government that stands up for families, not their rich and powerful. he is failing that test. host: let us go back to this story and how it has touched the royal family. >> follow this online at c- span.org. we go live to portsmouth, virginia. we are with mitt romney and congressman -- congresswoman teselle bachmann. -- michele bachmann. live coverage here on c-span. ♪ >> good morning. [applause] good morning. this is what victories looked -- this is what victory looks like. take a look around. we're all here together to have a welcome party here for the next president of the united states, presiden
president brown, >> members of the board of trustees, distinguished faculty and staff, and obviously, the unexcited and completely irrepressible class of 2012. [laughter] [applause] when the doctor called me to speak, he said that this class wanted somebody who is dynamic and entertaining. [laughter] well, lady gaga wasn't available, so here i am. [laughter] let me begin by extending, you all have been wonderful the way you have embraced me today, i can feel the emotion and hear it in all of your speakers, but particularly your president. i want to join everybody in extending a remarkable career the greatest congratulations that deserves. the new athletic turf that the mustangs did not get to play on but in the future will. [applause] i am an old lacrosse player, and i mean old. [laughter] it is a great pleasure. this man has really led this college in a remarkable way, and i know you all agree with that. we were classmates in college. i wish him well on his retirement. but speaking personally, he is way too young to retire. [laughter] [applause] in the united states senate, we would
nomination. he was one shout away from the presidency. -- and help with jerry brown's campaign in california in 2010 as well as many campaigns overseas. i am really thrilled they're here. will have a phone conversation. i want to start -- we will talk for a while and then open up to questions from you. i want to start to see if we can get into the head of the campaign as they are right at this stage in the election cycle. they're trying to size up the challenges they face. we will start with you. i want to talk about this from the point of view of the obama campaign. obama campaign because you ran an you know what it is like to be at 40%-49% approval. no chance to be reelected. what is the obama team thinking about its challenges and what they need to do? s and what they need to do? >> there are to be a ways to answer that question. one s what challenges they have not i do not recognize. they have the advantagef time. they have spent a lot of time working on this and going to battleground states. he has held more fund-raisers than all of his predecessors back to ronald reagan combined in the
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